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Singer-songwriter Deived introduces his latest single, “Billionaire,” a musical journey that originated in Puerto Rico in 2017 and culminated in Chicago. Inspired by a unique encounter, the song reflects on the notion of being a billionaire, as suggested by a memorable conversation. Deived’s innovative fusion of rock, trap, and reggaeton is enhanced by collaborations with guitarist Mike Pastrana and childhood friend TikNervio. The creative process, marked by resilience after Hurricane Maria, resulted in a seamless blend of musical styles. With vocals recorded across studios in Chicago and contributions from various locations, “Billionaire” is a testament to the global connection and collaborative spirit in music. The song, available on all platforms from November 13th, not only offers a catchy melody but also shares a narrative that transcends borders and encapsulates diverse musical influences.

Lo Que Sea

“LO QUE SEA”, his third single, is a natural continuation of his musical journey following the success of his previous single, “Regalo” (Gift), where Deived explored the importance of living in the moment. “The chorus of ‘LO QUE SEA is an anthem of empowerment, where we proclaim our resolution to never give up. The song celebrates diversity and unity in the pursuit of our dreams. It speaks to the importance of enjoying the journey, staying together, and finding joy even in the most unexpected corners of life,” comments the Puerto Rican singer.

The inspiration behind “LO QUE SEA” stems from the firm belief that no obstacle is too great when it comes to achieving your goals. The song is a tribute to all dreamers and tireless workers who are willing to do “whatever it takes” to find happiness and success in their lives.


Deived released the first single in Spanish ”Regalo”. The Past is History, The Future is a Mystery and Today is a Gift. That it’s why it’s called the Present. Regalo is about living the moment and celebrating Life while making your dreams a reality. We have to ENJOY this moment. La vida es un Regalo.

Said Goodbye

First single released November 13th 2021. Initially created in 2010 with an acoustic guitar, a broken heart and some bad lyrics. This song evolved into a song about moving forward in life. It is about appreciating the past while taking permission to move forward, even for bigger and better things. It’s about not letting the past hold you back so that you can celebrate love and life as it happens. While it may have stemmed from a relationship that wasn’t meant to be, it has really come to represent all the moments that come and go. 


Deived, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, weaves vibrant melodies of Latin Pop/Rock with urban fusions and honest lyrics that inspire progress, motivation, and love. His music has resonated throughout the Latin market, from Spain to Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. Currently, Deived is crafting his debut album and releasing captivating singles along the way.

Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, a graduate of the Interamerican University, and now a resident of Chicago, his passion for music ignited from a young age. Influenced by the songs of his grandparents in the serene mountains of Corozal and the heart of Bayamón, he embarked on his musical journey at the age of 14, starting with the bass guitar and later adding synthesizers. He studied at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, taking bass lessons from Ricky Rodríguez, who eventually joined as a regular musician on Saturday Night Live. Playing bass in Puerto Rican bands, he ventured into solo songwriting and production. He also sang as a baritone in the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra in 2016. While performing with the band La Manzana de Adán, he shared the stage with artists like Siete, La Secta, Pedro Capó, Reik, and was even a guest musician in Alex Ubago’s band.

“In 2017, following the devastating Hurricane Maria, I bid farewell to Puerto Rico for the first time. My destination was my friend’s couch in Chicago, with my guitar, about two weeks’ worth of clothes, and an unbreakable hunger for success as I worked on my own marketing business,” Deived mentions. Then, during the pandemic in 2020, he focused on creating his own music. He opened his YouTube channel, youtube.com/deived, where he teaches the fundamental principles of stock market investment and inspires people to invest in their own growth and development. His focus on this channel has since evolved towards music.

That’s how, in November 2021, on his birthday, he released his first song, “Said Goodbye,” which marked a significant chapter in his musical career. “It’s my first English single and features a distinctive Pop Rock style. The inspiration behind this song comes from my own life experience, involving meaningful farewells and moments of transition.” “Said Goodbye” serves as a reminder that life is full of goodbyes and new beginnings, and we should embrace them with gratitude and enthusiasm. For the singer, this song represents the courage to say goodbye and the excitement of what lies ahead in his musical and personal journey.

This song is a precursor to his focus on living in the present, as expressed in his next song, “Regalo” Deived’s second single and debut Spanish-language track, released in July 2023. It celebrates life’s moments and the pursuit of dreams. Its message is clear: appreciate the present. “Regalo” is a story that springs from his own life, a narrative that reflects the experiences and emotions he has gone through after moving from Puerto Rico to the vibrant city of Chicago. “The lyrics of the song reflect my conviction that even when everything seems gray and winter days seem endless, there are always reasons to smile and opportunities to fall in love again.” This transition, though exciting, brought him to a place where he had to learn to appreciate the present, to value what he had here and now.

His third and current track, “Lo Que Sea”, released in September 2023, is a song with unique sounds of rock pop and trap, emerging as a cry of determination and an anthem for those who tirelessly pursue their dreams. “It’s a continuation of my musical journey after the song ‘Regalo’ where I learned the importance of living in the present to the fullest. This time, the song dives into a style that combines trap and Latin rock, reflecting my passion for contemporary and energetic music” Deived concludes.

Join Deived on this musical journey as he creates Latin Pop/Rock fused with other genres, featuring powerful melodies and inspiring lyrics. Life is a gift, and Deived’s music underscores its moments of joy.